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How to generate robot.txt for any website

How to generate robot.txt for any website
Most people preferred google indexing all page while some don't, there is a saying that goes that  "ones man meat is another's man poison"

Your blog robot.txt file sends message to web crawlers which enable Google bot to determined which pages to accept or ignore,this function is optional and can be used in different varsities.

This function can be used direct Google to block a particular page from getting indexed on search engines ,It can be used for in many ways to improve pages

Step 1: log on to google search console, navigation to Crawl, click  robot.txt  column on the left side

Step 2:  When clicked you will be taking to  robots.txt root from there full editing can be carry out .

Step 3: once you are done with the "txt generator" editing with your desire looks on how you want your robots.txt click Submit
How to generate robot.txt for any website
Step 4: Save all code and then include modified robots.txt  code with your home page's root.

Step 5: Once done, published the recent edition, head to Google  Query system and then click published to finish and ensure it perfectly working.
How to generate robot.txt for any website

Testing a Robots.txt property within Search Console


Online seo just isn't dependant upon words, hyperlinks, and additionally content. A technical portion of SEO is usually important.

Truly, it'll make the leading big difference designed for your contents selling campaign.

Therefore, be capable of the right way by begin using robots.txt file types and additionally meta robots tags.

With hard works, typically the tactics and additionally points i have explained in this article will help  make a huge impact on your web traffic
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Treatment of Idiopathic pulmonary Fibrosis and Transplantation

Treatment of Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and Transplantation
Treatment of Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and Transplantation

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis or IPF is a disease of scarring in the lungs and it's called idiopathic

Because we don't fully understand how it occurs or whether the processes that accelerated or slow it down and for a long time there hasn't been any effective treatment from a medical standpoint.

People with IPF usually present with an abnormal x-ray, or they may come in with cough or more shortness of breath, and they usually have a CT that shows some degree of scarring in their lungs

Patience may have what we call hypoxemia that just means low oxygen levels in the blood and that is treated with supplemental oxygen and the goal is to maintain an acceptable oxygen level in your blood when you're sitting at rest

But with the "improve quality" activity in general, most people will benefit to a certain degree from pulmonary rehabilitation and rehabilitation program.

The idea is to get the most out of the lungs that you have,one of the problems with chronic obstructive "lung disease" is that people will become progressively more debilitated, because they simply sit around.

Because they get short of "breathing problems" due to "chronic obstructive pulmonary" respiratory so just even that anticipation of exercise is a big barrier to actually participating any sort of "rehabilitation programs" activity together with some "pulmonary rehabilitation toolkit"

There are several medical  "exercise education"  therapies that have been used in the past with different levels of success, so some patients may end up on a small amount of steroids,while others patients are treated with n-acetylcysteine or mucomyst which is an antioxidant therapy.

So recently in late 2014 the fda approved two new drug therapies specifically for treatment of IPF, the two drugs are prevented own or esperan and in tetons it oro PHEV and both of these drugs are designed to slow down the rate at which chronic lung function is lost due to scarring.

So the exciting thing about these two new drugs is that for the first time we have a medical therapy that slows down the rate at which pulmonary fibrosis progresses.

However they don't reverse the fibrosis that's already occurred and in some patients if their diseases advanced and or progressive despite medical therapy then lung transplantation may be an option.

Lung transplant is really a life changing event for patients because they are now completely dependent on medications to prevent rejection, and they can be more susceptible to infection because of these anti rejection medications so long-term, those two complications rejection and infection are what we struggle with.


We usually follow patients very closely especially with into that first year after transplantation because that's where a lot of the complications tend to arise and so this from a patient's perspective.

They can expect frequent visits at the clinic, frequent monitoring of their lung function
and lab tests and also a very intensive obstructive pulmonary rehabilitation program disease rehab program that's designed to help them recover from the transplant and get back on their lungs and due to this, "quality life" has been cut off their agenda.
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Tithe definition , and brief history

Tithe definition , and brief history
Should Christians pay tithes?,payment of "tithe definition" starts from the old testament and is believed to be one tenth of every monthly or yearly income to God

 Tithe definition

  • Dictionary definition of tithe means a portion one tenth of your harvest monthly or yearly to GOD
"Tithe definition" is a form of sacrifices offering of  the old testament by the Egyptians ,Hebrews,Babylonian ,roman, Greek  in the ancients days.

The first person that ever paid tithe in human history was Abram, whose  name was later changed to Abraham.

which means father of many nation in the bible( Gen : 14 18-21 )and the second person on earth who paid tithe was Jacob GEN ;28;20-22

Tithe definition

point of observation there was no oral or written law that compelled the various tithes in the patriarchal dispensation of the payment of tithes,the payment of tithe is said to be compulsory ,because it is believed to be the right of God from his children.

In accord  to the bible tithes and offering were the only means of livelihood for the levites  in the bible
Number 18;21-26
Neh 10-33-down

Jesus pronounce a curse on the scribes and pharisees who tithes mint and dills and cumming and branded them a hypocrite that had neglect the weightier prevision of the law in accord to Greek justification by the law is to be served from Christ and had fallen from grace GAL5;4

Should Christians pay titles   

Tithe were taken away to authenticate the priesthood of Christ and to approve the payment of title in anyway is to disregard ,dishonor and reject the authentication of the priesthood of Christ.

Finally note that christian are minister of the new covenant but not of the old covenant 2  cor 3;5-6
Tithe definition , and brief history
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How to resolve "canonical" tag issues on a website

How to resolve canonical tag issues on a website
How to resolve "canonical" tag issues on a website,links labels as canonical tag are tags links showing in the header area of your website HTML files .

How to resolve "canonical" tag issues on a website is very important because 
this HTML tags rules is the send and tell different search engines were the  location of you ur URL is coming from.

canonical tag issue meaning

"canonical" issue  comes at the point when 301 redirects is not placed properly.

It means your webpage is showing as duplicate website by search engines and is resulting to different URLs. 

This  as a result means search engines will be picking multiple URLs on your sites for indexing, meaning your site will be showing as duplicated content on the web, and this can affect your google AdSense approve.

Canonical URL plays a meaningful impact on search engines. It is the number one problem solver to duplicate content issues on search engines, it also plan a vital role in google AdSense approval, so How to resolve "canonical" tag issues on a website should not be left out when it cones to blogging.

There is tendency of google AdSense approval rejection if your sites "canonical" tags indicates error in google consoles.

canonical tag issue example

How to resolve canonical tag issues on a website
How to resolve canonical tag issues on a website

If your website Carrie's  identical similar or vastly content resulting to accessible link through multiple link URLs, How to resolve canonical tag issues on a website should not be left out because this pattern gives your domain the strength that take control of your URLs position in different search engines results.

This action also position properties relating to link popularity and consolidation to desire version.

How does canonical link work?

Let's use Blogger as an example
Looking at the image posted with the URLs of your link similar to the below:


When reader decides to write comments beneath this link post it result to the URLs showing the like the link below:


Now all comments URLs will be pointed to this link above , and is not good for SEO , because search engines will pick and recognized this link as duplicate content.

So to stop this, use How to resolve canonical tag issues on a website to try as much as possible to add canonical link on your website header session HTML ,this will pass a strong message to search engines that your preferred desire link version URLs is  http://name.blogspot.com/2010/05/test-post.html. The canonical link tag is simplified like this below:

<link rel="canonical" href="http://name.blogspot.com/2010/05/test-post.html" />

Search engines will easily understand that all the duplicate is refers to canonical URL : http://name.blogspot.com/2010/05/test-post.html

By adding this canonical URL to your HTML head all properties relating to page signals,page rank will be transferred also.
How to resolve canonical tag issues on a website

How to put canonical link in Blogger

Navigate to your Blogger template dashboard  ( and then click your HTML) and then look for the code below in it carrying the line below

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

Once you are able to find the HTML line above on your website HTML , it automatically means your your website template is canonical tag enable.

The fact is that Blogger by default has already  automatically added canonical tags to all their in build template, this should stop you from learning How to resolve canonical tag issues on a website.

And note that if you are using Blogger in build template, there is no need applying this trick again.

*Now if you not able to find the above line in your website HTML , then you are advice to add it immediately to avoid canonical tags error that will effect your SEO and AdSense approval time to come.

You can add it manually by adding this code :
</head> tag  before the head of your website

<link rel='canonical' expr:href='data:blog.url'/>

IF DONE? That’s all issue solved


With this  How to resolve "canonical" tag issues on a website , you can even help other to fix their canonical tags issues and make money ,because
This canonical tag link is accepted by all the major search engines like Yahoo!, Google, Buiden ,Ask,and Bing.

If "canonical" link is used in a  right way it is  one of the major good practice for achieving SEO boost in ranking a blog and increasing page DA and PA
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common idioms and sentence of the day volume 2

  1. common idioms and sentence of the day volume 2
    common idioms and sentence of the day volume 2 
  2. 1: There's a message for you if you look up.

  3. 2: It dawned on her that others could make her happier, but only she could make herself happy.
  4. 3: He set out for a short walk, but now all he could see were mangroves and water were for miles.

  5. 4: Pink horses galloped across the sea.
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common idioms and sentence of the day volume 1

  1. Solutionnab: Random idioms of the day
    common idioms and sentence of the day volume 2 
  2. 1: The green tea and avocado smoothie turned out exactly as would be expected.

  3. 2: It was at that moment that he learned there are certain parts of the body that you should never Nair.

  4. 3: Before he moved to the inner city, he had always believed that security complexes were psychological.

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mistakes most young people make and regret later in life

10 mistakes most young people make and regret later in life
mistakes most young people make
The biggest mistake most young people make which they later regret at age three you know so little about the world around you at age seven you know a few things but at age 17,20 or 25 you sure know most things right.

Not that simple though as young adult you may be tempted to think that you already know what life is all about, who you are and what you want.
10 mistakes most young people make and regret later in life
Hard boiled egg
There remain an important area most people don't pay attention to, hence they make a big mistake that can lead to failures and unhappiness all through their lives.

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The big mistake most young people make in my opinion the biggest is when young people think that they'll be young forever.

Let me explain this, when we are sixteen, eighteen or twenty one we are young vibrant and strong, we can dream big and try anything we want and because of this experience young people are likely to think that, this period in life is going to last for a long time or even forever, and because of this you fall into the trap of thinking life stand with you.

Most young people fall into party hard waste time on social media expect the government to fix their lives and other things.

Sorry your youthful vibrancy will not last forever, in fact instead of your youthful vibrancy and unlimited capability to last forever the time goes too faster than you ever believed in a few years.

Let me share my personal experience with you, I spent every day of my 19 to 29 as if I was in prison I never partied run away from the TV and avoided every negative friend, instead I focused doggedly on my life goals.

Today I have many of my friends who are trying to do what I did last ten years, but it's now three times more difficult for them.

Don't be deceived with your youthful years, your youthful years is very short !!!  If I've been able to convince you that youthful years and the opportunities that come with it is for a short period then what now they have three major problems about misusing those few years of your youth.

The first problem is that those few years and the only time you have to create your life when Steve Jobs was talking about how he and other people created the Apple incorporated he said we were able to do it because we were young and have nothing to lose.

There's a big point here and that's being young comes with a great advantage because you have almost nothing to lose while pursuing your dreams, unfortunately the older you get the more difficult it becomes to take risk or pursue your dreams.

All teenagers and twenty something out there now is the only time you ever have it's three times easier to start a company at age 23 than it is at age 33.

And even ten times more difficult at age 43 because as we grow old we become more conscious about the negative implications of our actions hence we start to take life easy by avoiding as many mistakes as possible.

This in turn restricts us from being able to achieve greatness, the second problem that comes with thinking that you'll be young for long is that you really don't know what it means to be old.

Most people who are at their twenties now really don't know what it means to be 45 and there is no way you get them to see the picture you see life at your late 30s and 40s, you know 30s and 40s is a life of more cautious and responsibilities.

5problems that runs in your mind at your late 30s
you'll probably have a family and have more bills

You will probably have some friends who are doing better than you in the corporate world.

You want to beat your friend who are ahead of you in the race of life.

You probably have consumed much negative news in the media so much that you no longer believe in a world of unlimited possibilities.

You probably have resorted into taking life easy.

All these are big problems which you don't really have in your early 20s, life is different at 40s than it is at 20s,so don't waste your youthful strength doing what everyone is doing.

The problem about thinking that you'll be young and vibrant for a long time is that you waste time doing things that really don't matter.

That's why today an average young adult in civilized countries spend seven to eleven hours every day on different media TV, social networks and gossip sites.

These young people could party every week and hang around unproductive friends just because they don't know what lies ahead of them.

The sad news s that, what lies ahead of you is not as sweet as you think, you see life is tougher than what it looks when you're a teenager or in your 20s.

Be wise and stop thinking you're going to be young for long, you have only a few days and you no longer be called young however your wisdom or stupidity in your 20s may follow you all your life if you are not careful.

Let me share my life's experience with you, I started out in business when I was 21 though he was tough because I had no financial responsibility and was able to fight through every odd another advantage.

What I had been that most people were not taking me serious, so they weren't expecting me to be serious since I was just a boy who is playing around.

If I am to try to do what I did in my early 20s my chances of success would have been half of what it was now.


I will be  rounding up this article,  with 2 biggest mistake most young people make:

  1. I still have enough time to enjoy my life
  2. I am still young and other youthful thoughts

Your twenties should never be a time to enjoy, instead your 20s should be a time to run.

Your twenty should be a time to read great books do difficult things and lay a solid foundation for your life.

Your twenties should never be a time to consume what everyone else has created, it should be a time to figure out what you can create it would be either a product service or an idea to make the world a better place.

If you can discipline yourself to do what most people want in your 20s you'll leave the rest of your life the way most people can never leave.

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How to stop mastubation within 7 days

How to stop mastubation within 7 days
As we all know that How to stop "mastubation"within 7 days  is one of the hottest search  keywords you can find within the phrases of mastubation, because mastubation is more like a deadly disease.

A lot of those who mastubates find it hard to stop , it is wise not engaged in "porn search engine" if you want to stop mastubating.


Mastubation definition

Is the act of trying to satisfy yourself sexually by mastubating

  • This virus that causes one to "mastubate" takes control of ones emotional part and kills the cell and sex life of any one who gets fully involved on it 
How to stop mastubation within 7 days 

How to stop mastubation within 7 days,five drastic measure to take if you want to stop mastubating
"Men mastubator" find it difficult to stop mastubating then "females mastubators"

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How to stop mastubation within 7 days 

  • STEP 1 . stay away from porn videos and nude pictures
  • STEP 2Occupy your mind with positive things 
  • STEP 3  Always stay with friends ,more like engaging yourself with daily activities
  • STEP 4Take control of your instinct
  • STEP 5  Be the boss of your emotions

  • STEP 6 Try as much as possible to say away from "porn videos" gay mastubation videos .

With this How to stop mastubation within 7 days,i believed if you put into practice this 5 methods on how to stop mastubation you can totally get ride of mastubation withing the 7 days

Mastubator" find it difficult to stop most times especially "men mastubator"

On How to stop mastubation within 7 days mastubate tumblr can not help rather with this simple formula, you can over come "how to mastubate"


Next week I will be publishing How to spiritually get anything you want on earth

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listeriosis symptoms food and prevention

Listeriosis outbreak, symptoms food and prevention should be taking seriously.

Listeria is a dangerous bacteria that can be contaminated by contaminated water  and food poisoning through eating or closed contact.

Listeria outbreak is very common in newly born child , the risk of listeria is high on pregnant women.

What is listeria?

Listeria stands for mono-cytogene ,a bacterium very common within our environments, that's easily carried when farmers adopts pets.

Listeria virus can be contaminates mostly raw or inadequate food or even other close contacts with infected ones.

Listeria symptoms

When is contacted,listeria symptoms can hide for several years without showing, "listeria outbreak"patient can look healthy and still carry this disease.
Most similar listeria outbreak symptoms are diarrhoea and vomiting, which can be contained if proper medical attention is added.

Listeria outbreak can move from ones gut to other sensitive area of ones body including ones brain.
Listeria outbreak infection longest incubation duration is about 2 weeks or after months depending on your immense system

Symptoms of listeria infection:

  • Cough
  • Cold
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Joint pains
  • Muscle acnes
  • Diarrhoea

Not to mention Listeria outbreak can lead to death if not treated with the right medications, because this deadly infection stands as life threats to many cells in our body, which can poison the blood in our body (septicaemia), this symptoms are not good to human health (Brian inflammation) encephalitis (brain infection).

Other Symptoms of Listeria outbreak

  • Stiff neck
  • Headache
  • High fever
  • Sleepiness

A group of microbiologist from Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences (SHUATS) has discovered that nourishment items present in the nearby markets of Allahabad are polluted with listeriosis causing pathogen.

The study was part of a Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi supported and as of late finished three year investigate venture under the supervision of,of Rubina Lawrence.

The head, division of modern microbiology, Jacob Institute of Biotechnology and Bio engineering of SHUATS and her colleague Ebenezer Jeyakumar, colleague educator of the equivalent withdrawment.

The researchers are presently caught up with settling the report based on  the discoveries of the investigation to be sent to DST soon.

Listeria food

  1. Deli meats 
  2. Unpleasant milks
  3. Smoked seafoods
  4. Hot dogs 

They have as of late displayed the findings in the 58th Annual Conference of Association of Microbiologists of India held in Lucknow and are presently settling an exploration paper for distribution in the renowned Journal of Food Safety of US.

The study samples involved vegetables like Spinach, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Carrot, Coriander besides dairy products like frozen yogurt, crude milk, cheddar and spread just as meat (lamb, chicken,fish)collected on week by week additionally was seen as a significant visits from that supermarket and source of their sullying.

Road nourishments, shared Prof Law-Fish tests (1.2 percent) were seen as positive for Listeria, She shared that among the monocytogenes, while the vegetables,cabbage showed max-chicken and sheep tests in frequency of Listeria minor were discovered free from the patho-cytogenes (50 percent).

While all gen, included the specialist who the examples of raw milk and how ever has been taking a shot at Listeriosis term like wise tried positive for the causing pathogen for the past pathogen, Expanding pattern in more than 13 years.

Most part of this incidence of listeria was later or secluded pathogen (66.67 recorded in summers with maximum percent) were found to show a maximum isolation during the months July and September.

Water stand up to (MDR) to anti-infection agents.


▪ Human Listeriosis is much of the time transmitted by the consumption of nourishment items contaminated with Listeria, for example, "Listeria rnonocytogenes"

• This life form is pervasive in the earth and has been perceived as a significant nourishment borne pathogen.

*Listeriosis can happen both as pestilence and sporadic ailment or even as a flare-up through utilization of tainted nourishment.

 ▪ Listeriosis show influenza like indications, fever, muscle throb and at times gastrointestinal side effects. On the off chance that infection spreads to sensory system, side effects like cerebral pain, hardened neck, disarray, bss of equalization or spasms can happen.

An extreme episode of infection may prompt blood harming, encephalitis and meningitidis.

• Infected pregnant ladies may encounter mellow influenza like ailment that can prompt unsuccessful labor or unexpected labor or neonatal contamination.

 • Listeria outbreak is regularly overlooked and disposed of by doctors and lab experts as a harmless contarninant .

All the illness rate at worldwide level is around 0.1 to 11.3 cases per million.

• In India because of Ielnageness pathogen, most occurrences are misdiagnosed or not archived.

Listeriosis Prevention 

  1. Thoroughly cook crude nourishment from creature sources, for example, hamburger, pork, or poultry
  2. Wash crude vegetables thoroughly in uncontaminated running water before eating
  3. Keep uncooked meats separate from vegetables and from ' cooked nourishments and prepared to eat nourishments
  4. Avoid unpasteurized (crude) milk or nourishments produced using unpasteurized milk
  5. Consume transient and prepared to eat nourishments as quickly as time permits.

Tired, representing a potential risk for general wellbeing prompting catastrophic outcomes, Prof Lawrence included.

listeriosis symptoms food and prevention

The scientists kept up that the tirelessness of Listeria and their anti-microbial opposition inside evolved way of life raises sanitation concerns and becomes execution of precise preventive methodologies like Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) at various levels of food processing and production parts.
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germ guardians and a healthy family

germ guardians and a  healthy family
Germ guardians should be the number priority in every human families.

Bigger home problems like snakes and tigers , are as it appears detected and can be Warde's off on like germs that can be contain.

This type of problems are not consider a problem but is in some particular areas.

There are a lot of dangerous bad peoples to think about then all these enemies that are distance to tiny to see without the provisions of a saficisticated microscopes .

All these are within enemies labeled as GERMS,
this germs lives within us on our daily endeavours, it does not matter were you reside ,  whether in the rural area or city or in a foreign land,a lot of germs are totally harmless yo human immense system , while others are viciously deadly.

Numerous germs are small, as a matter of fact it take a lot of line up to make one inch length!!!

Virus which is the smallest, which difficult yo see even with a powerful microscope is more complicated.

This virus can only be seen by ultra-powerful  machine electron microscope.

The virus disease that result into a form of infections such as smallpox and polio are together with the vast of mankind disease.

germ guardians and things around us all 

Germs lives within us all , they lives within the air we takes in everyday, and often within the drink and water we consumed everyday.

Most times this bacteria's find ways to get into our foods as we consumed them , this things happen mostly because of poor food method handling in cooking and care keeping.

Cooks who work in the environment of food are mainly responsible for the contamination of foods and the spreading of most harmful diseases within the communities.

To prevent this ,cleanliness most be maintain 

Most times these germs grow in warm areas ,moist areas , areas as the crease skin,hands palms and within The rectum and genital location .

It is very vital for everyone to wash their hands after use every time, hands most be wash frequently to avoid contamination.

By doing these everyday help protect us against this deadly disease virus infections.

Teeth cleaning by brushing is also very important when it come personal cleanliness, brushing the teeth 2 - 3 tikes daily goes a long way in positioning it properly.

Almost all the germs pass out as soon as they are expose directly to sunlight in one way or the other through cleaning process.

Sunlights germ guardians
kills germ faster

Sunlight is very powerful when it Come to virus combating, and also make sure your homes are properly ventilated and aired every blessed day.

Make sure the morning sunlight falls directly on each apartment every morning during morning rising sun, this is a very important germ guardians one should not joke with

Blankets and used items should also be kept outside for  the sun to shine on them

Tuberculosis germs also find is way to the dust of the Street, mostly of a lot of spitting on the street or some other objectionable behaviours.

This bacteria are often taken home by feet's ,the virus are dangerous  most especially to children crawling on the floor.

germ guardians and how to prevent bacteria

Make sure all floors are properly cleaned, every day because everyday you get visitors coming in and out , and most bacterial are brought in by visitors and children.

Exhibits the habit of practicing the traditional  eastern way of life of taking off shoes , washing hands , feet's before entering the home.

Animal also brings disease Germs,
Germ disease may find is way into your home in many ways , it may be carried in by the bodies or feet's of domestic animals, dogs,cat e.t.c.

Rats and mice also spread deadly germs to humans,for there carry germs of dysentery, typhoid, diarrhoea and many other complaints gastrointestinal.

Even birds carry germ through migration from one district to other and in this process carry various germs and virus that has the possibility of causing serious epidemics.

Germs are treat to human race, when major emergency comes up,issues like earthquake or other harmful  disasters.

The number one thing the world health public authorities are mostly concerns about is the looking into how to preserve good water supply's around every community.

Preservation and proper positioning of sewages, this is imperative if community are kept free from epidemics infections.

This also effects our ordinary daily ways of living,that why our germ guardians
make not be taken for granted, we are mainly responsible for our own good statue and health states.
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how to get to the winning circle volume 1

 How to get to the winning circle volume 1
From the decision to get to your  goal, they are lot of  spreading difficulties along the way, Learn tips to make it easier.

to achieve your best weight. you most take charge of you debts. Save money at all cost .

Efforts are to be made in your life To become better person. life is all about reaching that goal,the winning circle that matter most in your life.

remember that you own the key to the greater point that can see you to the next level, and the accomplish this great height you need to add in a an extra method to get them,that is why i am offering you this great tip that can possible see through to this height.

There is need for it get hold of it ,as it will see you through in reaching the the goals, you need to get you to the top
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how to make seafood okra soup at home

how to make seafood okra soup at home
Today I'll be showing you Step by step guides on how to make seafood okra soup at home

Actually there is a lot of "Step by step guides" on how to make seafood okra soup recipe methods everywhere.

But today I am going to be using a unique slight different seafood Step by step guides method and slightly different comparing to others you have read online

I hope you stick around to see the "Step by step guides" on  how to make seafood okra soup, so  let's get started this recipe.

Below are the recipes of  Step by step guides on how to make seafood okra soup, a list of what I am going to be using to make the seafood okra food.

Sea food Recipe: Step by step guides on how to make seafood okra soup

  1. Fresh Okra
  2. Smoked catfish
  3. Paprika pepper
  4. Habanero
  5. Calamari
  6. Shrimp
  7. Palm oil
  8. Ground Crayfish
  9. Stock Cube

GUIDE 1 : I 'll be using some okra that I've chopped I'll also be using some smoked catfish some micro fish some paprika peppers

Habanero ,calamari some shrimp together with some palm oil

  • I'll also be using stock cube some salt and ground crayfish
  • I am going to start by adding the blended paprika pepper and fresh pepper to the pot.

GUIDE 2: Add some more water  in it and let it for about 29 minutes

  • After that i am going to season it and then add my stock cubes, ground crayfish and some salt to taste.

GUIDE 3 : Add my palm oil and  hover it on it and let it boil for  about 10 minutes.

GUIDE 4: Add the fish,calamari and the shrimps, and also the smoke  fish.

  • Just don't need a lot of time to cook so I'm only going to give it about 5 minutes.

Allow it to be in the fire and let it cook for 5 minutes, 5 five minutes after cooked the does not  take  long, because I don't want my fish to scatter , so five minutes is okay.

After cooking, leave it uncovered for about 3 -4 minutes before serving it to your guest.

Our okra is cooked just the way I like it and I hope you like it too this way

  • if you do ,lead a comment below it was cooked not too soft, just crunchy you can cook it for longer, if you want but this is okay with me.

This Step by step guides on how to make seafood okra soup was recently used in a restaurant in Eko Atlantic, and it was fantastic on their "seafood menu"

I was surprised when I was called by one of my readers, showing me a menu carrying the full recipes of this seafood tutorial.
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how to remove navbar layout from blogger blogspot

how to remove navbar layout from blogger blogspot
Navbar is a Blogger default feature working on its own by default, coded by blogger blogspot.

How can I l remove Navbar layout from Blogger? This problem has become among many bloggers around the world seeking for solution to solve their blogger difficulties.

It is possible to remove the Navbar with some  CSS codes, Navbar is more like google search ,Navbar is a search box on blogger blogspot use to search articles on a blogs.

  • It displays numerous features within the top of a blogspot blog like google.

Step by step guides on how to remove Navbar on blogger blogspot

1:  Sign into Blogger , click the blog name displaying on your dashboard, then make a way to the  Layout session on your blog:
how to remove navbar layout from blogger blogspot

2:  Find the Navbar figure,click the Edit bottom on the Navbar layout as it appears on the picture:
how to remove navbar layout from blogger blogspot

3: Once it pop-up , scroll down, Click the Off bottom to activate the off mode  then click Save to finally activate :
how to remove navbar layout from blogger blogspot


after doing all as instructed above , go back to my your blog to see result , you will notice that the Navbar is gone .

That's it!!!!! I believe you have learnt how to remove Navbar from blogger blogspot.

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"How to make money" in the street without a job

How to make money in the street without a job
"How to make money" in the street without getting involved in illicit act or do you think its possible to earn money without a job on the street?

Is it possible to make money on the street without a job? Or  "How to make money" without hurting any one ,i don't think so, except maybe you are planing to get involved in some kind of illicit activities or other wise.

How to make money 

Kanye west and  Eddie money  once claimed, making money on the street is not a Walmart money card, it can be legit or rather done in a legit way.
"How to make money" in the street without a job

street life synonym

  • Street life? Or should i say thug life,thug life meaning:"thug life" Or "What does thug life stand for?" It can be refer to as somebody who gets and love involving and getting whet he wants contrary to other opinion.

All Most every one, or if am mistaking are familiar with Tupac Shakur popularly nickname as Makaveli and his "How to make money"In the street mentality.

Street is one question every one living in a glass house will like to know about.

Imaging if you are in a glass house and you don't have any issue on "How to make money" you would probably not know much about life in the street..

The street is more Like a ghetto, ghetto life can be, compare to a street life, because is all about getting hard, doing it in the hard way 

I once lived in the street, yes In the ghetto were life is all about getting it in the hard way, if I can recollect back in the day in the ghetto,
were you seeing girls walking almost half naked, smoking weed, fighting almost every day?

That's what am talking about ,starting from the street is always hard, there is no ways to make money without working 

Due there are top notable rich people who passes through life of the ghetto,and possibly not know how to get to the winning circle.

  • But one thing you need to consider in guys that make it through or from the Street passes through one hard times or the other

If I can remember some years ago the experience i had when i was looking for a job back than, i was rejected on many occasions just because I am applying from the ghetto,that's funny you know.

"How to make money" without working hard in the street and running away from the difficulties that is attached to street life without going through a lot that may possibly result to payback.

I use the word payback because is a most For you to step on toes to get to the top in the street.

Most especially if you don't know "How to make moneyso if you are stepping on toes expect returns from those you step on.